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Sadia's Saqi

The Unforgettable Tale of Friendship v/s Love

“Sadia’s Saqi” is neither a story, nor a tale …
Just a truthful heart, putting out Saqi’s emotional gale
It asks for a respectful suggestion from you,
A prolific end or a start, something out of the blue …

Author’s Message

In your life, you often come across some beautiful people who leave an impact in your life and really mean a lot to you and then you share a revered relationship with them. Even if they are not with you any more or you cannot take those relationships a leap ahead due to some reasons, still you feel that it’s worth to make those revered relationships unforgettable and a part of your life. Sadia’s Saqi is one such respectable effort.

Sometimes, we fail to realize that in a relationship, what we have is far more precious than what and how we really want it to be. In this quest to get more, we don’t feel important to revere what we have and eventually end up ruining what we had. The most important thing to remember is that you should always appreciate and respect the relationships that you have. A fight may come and go very easily, but a relationship could last forever. For every second spent in anger, a minute of happiness is wasted.

I don’t know but I hope that “Sadia’s Saqi” at least made an endeavor to make every reader realize and feel the importance of their relationships, to respect and live it better by just keeping aside your self-esteem and ego in order to take it leaps ahead.

I hope you love reading this book and get benefitted from it in every way or at least any way possible.
Thank you.

- Shuhab

P.S.  In case there is problem downloading the book from above link / or after downloading, the pdf is failing to open, click here to open the book in a new tab/window.

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