Image Compressor & Resizer

Project information

  • Name: Image Compressor & Resizer
  • Category: Windows Application
  • Software Type: Freeware
  • Download: Click here for free download

Image Compressor & Resizer

Windows Application developed to make single/batch image compression and resizing simpler, easy and convenient for the user.

Single/Batch Image Compressor features:

  • Image Compression to variant quality ranging from factor 0 (lowest) to 100 (highest).
  • Image Compression to specified quality factor.
  • Image Compression to restricted specified file-size.
Single/Batch Image Resizer features:
  • Resizing of Images (same/mixed dimensions) to specific width and height.
  • Resizing of Images (same dimensions) with constrained proportions, maintaining the aspect ratio.
  • Resizing of Images (mixed dimensions) with option to constrain proportions & maintain aspect ratio by either height or width.
  • Automatic calculation of height for given width and vice versa for constraining proportions.